County residents advised to stay away from Township Line Road until conditions improve

Washington County officials have advised motorists to avoid a couple of county roads due to snow drifting conditions.

Sheriff Len Campbell said Monday that County Highways 1 and 6, also known as Township Line Road, until the snow drifting stops. He said County Engineer Kiefer Heiman has indicated that county crews have not been able to keep up with the rate the recent winter weather has created. Heiman had expressed concerns about a car getting stuck in the conditions and preventing a plow from coming through and clearing off the snow.

“Please exercise great care when you are driving, on whatever route you’re taking,” Sheriff Campbell said. “We’ve experienced drifting on all highways and the weatherman predicts worsening conditions through (Tuesday). Stay safe!”

Heiman commented on the post, saying the highway department is “devoting more resources to keeping this route open for residents” as well as other county roads. But the storm and high winds rolling into the area have made it more difficult to stop the snow from coming from the fields aligning the highways.

The Standard will be posting more information about the storm and conditions as more details become available.

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