Hornets clinch conference title

The Nashville Hornets remained perfect in conference play on Friday when they dismantled the Carterville Lions 53-41.

NCHS cinched up the SIRR Mississippi title in a road game. The Hornets have won three consecutive Mississippi Division Crowns and 18 in the school history.

In a year without a state tournament due to ongoing COVID-19 restrictions, a conference title is the highest distinction prep schools can me.

The Hornets stayed on top at the end of the first quarter 16 to 9 and had a 7-0 run at the beginning of the second to continue the dominance. Nashville led at the half 24-13 and never looked back.

Isaac Turner turned in a game high 20 points while Buzz Ritzel had 14. The Hornets improved to 11-0 overall and 9-0 in conference play.

On Saturday, Nashville dropped a game at Mt. Vernon, 39-29.

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