Washington County reports two new COVID cases Friday, announces future plans for vaccine availability

The Washington County Health Department reported on Friday that there were two new additional COVID-19 cases reported over the past couple of days.

The cases were one female and one male, both in their 60s.

The total amount for the week was 7. There were two reported on Monday (one male in his 40s, one female in her 60s) and three on Wednesday (one female in her 40s, one male in his 50s and one male in his 60s). To date, there have been 1,611 total in the county; five currently active; 1,588 released from isolation; no active hospitalizations; 66 total hospitalizations and 29 deaths (18 active, 10 released, 1 untested).

The health department also announced that vaccines will soon be distributed to additional members under the Plan 1B-plus guidelines. Eligible employees will now include those who work in higher education, governmental, clergy, food service workers and trade persons.

“More vaccines have stated to become available in our county, and we have been able to work through our roster of people who have called much faster before, with minimal delays in scheduling,” the department said. “We have had some difficulty getting ahold of some people who have called the office to receive the COVID vaccine.”

The WCHD also said anyone who has had problem getting ahold of the office is encouraged to continue calling.

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