Hornets topple Sparta in season opener

It has been 476 days since the last Hornet football game and 489 since the last home game but the day many worried would not come for the 2021 school year resulted in a dominant win for Nashville.

The Hornets hammered down the Sparta Bulldogs at home with a score 64-0. It was the first during the football season, which had been postpone for months due to COVID concerns.

“You can try and give them hope but there were some times it felt like we were giving them false hope,”NCHS Coach Steve Kozuszek told 104.7. “There were times when I didn’t think we would play.”

The explosive first quarter began with a 41-yard touchdown run from Connor Gladson. The next Hornet possession resulted in a 25-yard TD from Isaac Turner. 

Gladson would score another touchdown with 3:45 left in the first. Nashville was not down with the scoreboard after Ben Reid recovered a fumble and took it 31 yards to the end zone to make the 35 point lead more commanding.

The second quarter saw more Hornet domination, starting first with a 51-yard touchdown by Jaxson Goforth. By the end of the third quarter, Nashville was up 56, and the last remaining score of the game was a touchdown in the fourth by Kolton Gajewski with his brother Kaden completing a two-point conversion.

Quarterback Cole Malawy went 9 for 13 and passing for three touchdowns. 

The next Hornet football game is next Saturday, March 27, at 1 p.m. in Carterville.

Hornet fandom fact: The 2019 Hornet runner-up state championship season also began with a 64-0 win over the Carlyle Indians. 

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