Hornets come from behind to dismantle Carterville

After a sluggish start, the Nashville Hornets came back in a big way, thanks to explosive offensive plays and a solid defense.

Hornets won 41-27 over the Carterville Lions on Saturday. After losing 14-0 after the first quarter, Nashville would start the second with an impressive touchdown catch from senior Jaxson Goforth.

The Hornets would then follow with two back-to-back touchdown runs from Isaac Turner (65 and 66 respectively).

Quarterback Cole Malawy bounced back to throw 13 for 21 passing and a total of 318 yards. Goforth had seven receptions and three touchdowns with 124 yards, and Turner completed with three catches for 124 yards.

A stifling second half defense kept the Carterville to a scoreless second half. The third quarter also saw several big plays in the third, including seven plays with four first downs that ended with a four yard touchdown run by Connor Gladson. With the extra kick, Nashville tied the game 27-27. Other scores included two touchdowns from Goforth.

Coach Steve Kozuszek told 104.7 and Section618 Sports that he was happy with the way the team was able to shake off the first quarter and keep playing even with a quick Lions teams.

“The biggest things I was telling them that I was proud of was the changing of the pace in the second half,” he said. “The big plays helped get the offense going.”

Kozuszek also talked about the mobility of finding the right open player on the field. When Carterville adjusted its safeties to cover Turner after his runs, Malawy was able to find an open Goforth or Miller to advance the ball down the field.

“I wouldn’t want to defend it,” he said. “And we have Nick Miller who is a threat wherever he is. Plus our running backs can also be receivers.

Next up, the Hornets will take on the Mater Dei Knights on Saturday, April 3.

Pictured is senior Cole Malway from last weekend’s home opener. Malawy threw 13 of 21 passing in Saturday’s victory over the Carterville Lions, 41-27.

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