Collinsville man gets one year for repeated mail theft

A local man who had pleaded guilty last yer to stealing mass amounts of mail from Okawville residents was sentenced in federal court to one year and one day in prison.

Seth W. Sorensen, 45, also received two years of court supervision. The charges come from a four days in February 2019, when a person observed Sorensen drive up to mailboxes and steal mail from inside. It was immediately reported to the Okawville Police Department.

Sorensen also had an active warrant for burglary in Troy. During his Feb. 24, 2019, arrest at Sorensen’s apartment, a trash bag in his possession reportedly contained stolen mail from 25 victims from 19 residences across Southern Illinois. He was taken to Madison County Jail.

On Feb. 26, after his release from jail, he was arrested again for allegedly trying to steal mail from a nearby apartment complex in Collinsville. He had denied the allegations until letters were seen coming out of his pockets and the officer reminded him that letters have addresses on them.

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