April 6, 2021 Unofficial Consolidated Election results are in

Several Washington County communities will see a change in leadership as a result in Tuesday’s election.

Preliminary results showed that 1,458 votes were cast in this election, which accounts for about 14.6 percent of all Washington County voters.

With all 20 precincts reporting, unofficial results for the following races are:

Nashville Mayor Raymond Kolweier was re-elected, running unopposed. 100 percent (147 votes)

Terrie Kurwicki will serve another term as Nashville city clerk. She also ran unopposed and received 137 votes.

Richelle Heggemeier will resume as Nashville city treasurer (100 percent, 138 votes)

Kelly Sheridan and Doug Hargan were re-elected as Nashville aldermen. Both received 32.31 percent. Newly elected Jennifer Szopinski will be join the council for her first term after netting 35.38 percent. She will be taking the seat that is currently being served by Sue Finke.

Gary Moeller was elected to a 2-year term as Nashville alderman (100 percent, 153 votes)

Nashville District 99 School Board results included Shawn Cook and Randy Schwartzkopf both earning 38.75 percent (544 votes). There were three write-ins for the remaining two seats: Heather Maschhoff received 176 votes and Zachary Kabat had 76 votes while Matt Gajewski netted 22 votes.

Nashville District 49 Board results were Greg Gollaher (316 votes, 27.53 percent); Daniel Dlubala (401 votes, 34,93 percent); and Seth Thomas Swobod (431 votes, 37.54 percent).

Linda Gammon elected Ashley city mayor, running unopposed. 100 percent (30) votes

Leonard “Len” Piasecki and Angela Sherman received 5 and 3 write-in votes for Ashley city counclimen.

Addieville Village President Douglas Boecklen was elected to serve another term (100 percent, 17 votes). Melissa Boecklen will also resume as village clerk (100 percent, 17 votes).

The numbers for the Addieville Village Trustee race were Alan Klingenberg (35.09 percent, 20), Jim Lehde (33.33 percent, 19) and Tiffany Lehde (31.58 percent, 18). There were three seats available.

Christian Bennett will be the next Du Bois village president. Bennett ran unopposed and garnered 31 votes or 100 percent.

Laurell Klaybor will resume as the Du Bois village clerk (100 percent, 36 votes).

In the race for four Du Bois village trustee seats, Kathleen Tubbs earned 30 votes or 54.55 percent while Betty Browder received 25 or 45.45 percent.

In the race for Hoyleton village president, Tim Renth received 19 write-in votes. Incumbent Cathy Livesay ran unopposed for Hoyleton village clerk and received 46 votes (100 percent). Janice Bourgeois (100 percent, 46 votes) will continue as village treasurer for another term.

For the three available seats for Hoyleton village trustees, Rick Bourgeois received 42 votes or 33.87 percent; Ben Grote earned 44 votes or 35.48 percent; and Leo Ohms had 38 or 30.65 percent.

Irvington will receive a new village president as challenger Alan Hoh won 54.44 percent or 102 votes to incumbent Gera Sims’ 45.45 percent or 85 votes.

Kathy McKinney will continue as the Irvington village clerk. She received 152 votes (100 percent).

For the three Irvington village trustee seats, the votes were Bryan Spears (132 votes, 38.26); Dee Howe (124, 35.94 percent); and Carla Barrett (89, 25.80 percent).

Candice Cross was re-elected as New Minden Village President, receiving 33 votes or 75 percent to challenger Arthur Henson’s 11 (25 percent).’ Rhonda Zapp will resume her position as village clerk (41 votes, 100 percent).

For the three available seats as New Minden village trustee, the votes were Cindy Shy (41, 34.75 percent); Cecilia Agnew (37, 31.56 percent) and Lynnette Shew (40, 33.90 percent).

Cecil D. Alfeldt has been re-elected as Oakdale village president, receiving 40 votes or 66.67 percent to Sam Pruitt’s 20 votes or 33.33 percent.

Alicia Hiller will become the next Oakdale village clerk (48, 100 percent)

For the three seats for Oakdale village trustee, the votes were Glen Brameier (35, 32.11 percent); Andrew Becker (35, 32.11 percent); and Clark Wisely (39, 35.78 percent).

David Jasper has been re-elected as Okawville village president.

For the three seats for Okawville village trustee, the votes were Sarah Deterding (50, 37.04 percent); Jeannie Millikin (40, 29.63 percent); and Nathan Dick (45, 33.33 percent).

Stacy Friedrich will serve a 2-year term as Okawville village trustee for earning 51 votes (100 percent).

Radom Village President Larry Wachowski (30 votes, 100 percent) has been elected to another term.

Erin Czerniejewski (30 votes, 100 percent) has been elected to another term as village clerk in Radom.

Melody Turner (17 votes, 100 percent) has been elected as the incoming village president for Richview. Brenda Perjack received 21 write-in votes for Richview Township clerk.

Jason M. Berry (29 votes, 100 percent) has been elected as a Richview village trustee.

More results can be found here.

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