Hornets close out 2021 spring season with romp over Wildcats

The Nashville Hornets sewed up its straight SIRR Mississippi conference title and remained perfect in conference play as it downed the Anna-Jonesboro Wildcats, 49-19 on Friday night.

An explosive offense started with the opening drive when Luke Ehret completed a nine-yard run in. Hornets would get the ball back quickly after they recover an onside kick, ending the run with a four-yard touchdown pass to senior Jaxson Goforth to put Nashville up 14-0.

While the Wildcats were able to answer back with a 8-minute run and a touchdown of its own, Nashville would start to come up on its own. Two more Hornet touchdowns were secured before halftime: a one-yard touchdown run by Connor Gladson and then a 14-yard touchdown catch by Nick Miller with 28 seconds left. The score was 28-7 at the break.

The third quarter saw much of the same Hornet domination, and Ehret once again made it into the end zone after a nine-yard run. Later that same quarter, Cole Malawy would find Isaac Turner for a five-yard touchdown pass.

In the fourth quarter, senior Buzz Ritzel scored on a three-yard touchdown.

Overall, Nashville had 23 rushes with 139 yards. Malawy had 9 carries for 25 yards, Ehret had 9 carries for 89 yards and two touchdowns, and Gladson had three carries for 13 yards and a touchdown. Miller finished with two carries for 12 yards.

Malawy finished with another impressive set. He completed 30 of 37 passing for 340 yards and four touchdowns. In the last three games, Malawy had clocked in over 1,000 yards and 12 touchdowns to conclude his high school career.

There were six Hornets who received passes during the victory. Turner had 8 catches for 103 yards and a touchdown. Ritzel had 4 catches for 27 yards and a touchdown. Miller had 7 catches for 89 yards and a touchdown. Goforth had 7 catches and 81 yards and a touchdown, and Randy Schwartzkopf had one catch for 21 yards. Ehret finished with three catches for 19 yards.

Nashville finished the season 5-1 and was undefeated in conference play.

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