NCHS Board hears proposal about continuing foreign trips

The Nashville High School Board heard from a faculty member who would be interested in continuing the foreign trips.

Science teacher Wendy Bergmann addressed the board during its regular monthly meeting. Bergmann said she would like to step in as the school’s sponsor after current sponsor Haeli Williamson resigned earlier this year.

“I absolutely love the trip,” Bergmann said. “I love going with the students. I really see the students grow when they are on the trip. I’ve had students say they are now ready to leave for college because of the trip.”

Bergmann said the school has been involved in coordinating overseas trips since the early 1990s. The upcoming summer 2022 trip was to be the last one. The current requirement is one full year of foreign language, and the students visit seven countries in 14 days.

Bergmann, who has been on five previous trips and will attend the next one, said she would like to open up the enrollment to all students with priority going first to seniors and juniors. She has also had conversations with an EF tour representative about adding more locations dealing with agriculture or social studies in hopes of gaining more student interest.

The board took no action on the decision.

“As someone who has gone on the trip and is now sending my son on the trip, I get it,” board member Heather Maschhoff said. “Quntin even said I don’t even know if I am going to get another chance like this.”

Also at the meeting, the board approved the amended budget for the 2021 fiscal year.

Superintendent Brad Turner went over some of the projected figures. The education fund is projected to finish in the black with a balance of $240,716. Municipal retirement is expected to end with a positive balance of $36,040. The transportation fund received all four state payments in the fiscal year and will close with a $21,257 positive balance.

Turner also said the Fire Prevention Safety fund is expected to end the year with a $43,379 shortfall. He added that the expenditures included the track payment that was made last fall.

The board agreed to increase pay for substitute teachers to $90 per day. Turner said the figures now puts NCHS comparable to West Washington County and Nashville District 49 in terms of substitute pay.

The board agreed to purchase the Health Module on Skyward, which will assist the school nurse and administration with managing student vaccinations. The initial cost is $3,300, and then a $236 increase to the school’s Skyward account.

Turner told the board that the school is looking to significantly upgrade its camera system in the near future.

The board approved two volunteer coaches — Jaris Dalman for football and Martina Martin-Simmons for the Stingers dance team. Brayden Bauza was hired as a summer maintenance worker, and Courtney Price was approved as a high school secretary.

The board also approved the fall coaches list.

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