Sheriff Campbell announces he’s running for second term

Washington County Sheriff Len Campbell announced Wednesday that he will seek another term as sheriff.

In a post on Facebook, Campbell formally stated his re-election bid.

“I definitively am running again as the incumbent Republican Washington County Sheriff,” he said. ” It has been a great pleasure to serve the citizens of Washington County, and I wish to continue bringing professional services to you. We have built a great team of deputies, corrections officers, and dispatchers. I am super-proud of my staff! I am very thankful, too, for all the community support I have received.”

Campbell was elected in 2018. Before becoming sheriff, he had a 30-plus year career in law enforcement, which includes the commander/captain for the Secretary of State Police. He is also a Viet Nam era veteran, U. S. Army, Military Police Corps.

Campbell will face off against Ross Schultze, who announced his candidacy for sheriff in a Facebook post on July 4 and an ad in the Nashville News. Schultze is a retired Illinois State Trooper with 21 years of experience and had been previously worked as a law enforcement officer for Nashville and Salem police departments.

The primary election will be held in June 2022.

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