COVID Counts: Washington County remains on warning status, officials warn of future wave

A total of 15 new COVID-19 cases have been reported by the Washington County Health Department.

According to a release, the figures include one resident between 6 and 10 years old; two ages 11-15; one who is 16-19 years old, three in their 20s; one in their 30s; two in their 40s; one in their 50s; three in their 60s; and one in their 70s.

The health department stated that data may be incomplete due to system limitations and external agencies who provide COVID response activities.

The Illinois Department of Public Health, for the week of Aug. 15 to 21, Washington County had a 9 percent test positivity with 553 tests performed. This places the county in the warning, or orange level, for another week.

The IDPH broke down further dates beyond the week, with the highest test positivity rate this past week occurring on Aug. 22. A couple of days later on Aug. 24 the county saw a daily test positivity rate at one of the lowest in the month at 3.1 percent.

The IDPH reported total COVID positive cases in the following Washington County communities:

Nashville 780

Okawville 254

Ashley 191

Hoyleton 133

Oakdale 84

DuBois 68

Richview 52

On Thursday, a COVID-related death was reported in Washington County, making the total count at 30.

The Washington County EMA posted the following message on its Facebook page, urging residents to continue to use extreme caution.

“Some say that is no big deal but even one death from this virus is a big deal. Our Hospitals are full. The smaller ones cannot find placement in the bigger hospitals to get the treatment needed such as cardiac Caths and other life saving interventions. This is only the tip of the iceberg. The wave is coming from the south and moving north. Experts are saying come fall we will be in worst shape than we were last fall at this time. Please follow the recommendations and if you have not got the vaccine Please do your own research and talk to your doctor and stop listening to the crap on Facebook and other social media. As long as this virus is uncontrolled in the wild it will continue to mutate and undo the immunity of those that have gotten the vaccine. No this is not the start of losing freedoms this is trying to keep you safe! period.”

In school news, Nashville District 49 reported one total active case with four students and staff members currently on quarantine.

Neither Trinity St. John nor St. Ann’s reported any cases on their web sites.

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