Washington County Animal Control temporarily suspends adoptions, owner surrenders

The Washington County Animal Control posted on Friday that in addition to seeing a large increase in owner surrenders over the past several weeks — including four in one day — the shelter will have to put in place several protective measures after a dog at the shelter tested positive for Parvo.

“Even with all the cleaning, we feel it is better to be safe than sorry,” the shelter said.

Washington County Animal Control will not be taking in any surrenders or issuing any dog adoptions until Sept. 13.

Parvo is a highly contagious virus mainly affecting dogs. It can be spread by direct or indirect contact.

Shelter staff are now cleaning and bleaching all surfaces as a way to keep the other animals safe. The dog that tested positive is now seeing treatment. The shelter will be able to take cat adoptions.

Here is the complete post:

Animal control is taking donations in cleaning supplies, puppy food and chicken broth. They are also looking for volunteers and foster homes to take in the animals before they find their forever homes. Those interested can contact the shelter here. You can also click here to view an Amazon wish list.

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