Washington County Animal Control resumes dog adoptions

All four Parvo-positive pups make full recovery

The local animal shelter announced that it can once again find new homes for dogs within the county.

Washington County Animal Control Warden Deb Hagopian said in a post on Tuesday that the shelter can resume dog adoptions after a 10-day hiatus when a dog tested positive for Parvo.

Hagopian thanked the Nashville Animal Clinic for taking in the four pups that had to be treated and she is happy to report that they are all on the road to recovery.

She also thanked the shelter staff for their support.

“This team is amazing!” Hagopian said. “They bleached and scrubbed every day, every inch of Animal Control. Their willingness to come in on their days off, stay late and work so hard truly humbled me. Last but by far not least. I want to Thank all of you for the donations, offers to help and your prayers to help us. Because of all of this we are able to open back up! With ALL of our cages full, dog and cat, please stop in! We have some wonderful dogs/cats ready for adoption. Volunteers we sure could use your help again!”

Here is the post:

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