Autopsy: Nashville man found in tanker died of drug overdose

Autopsy results revealed that a 29-year-old Nashville man who was found in a tanker truck in June died of an overdose.

Garrett Meyer was reportedly missing for 10 days when his body was found in the bottom of the tanker in Buckley on June 4. Workers discovered him upon investigating why oil had not been flowing properly for several days while the truck was being unloaded at a gas transfer hub.

According to WJBD, the Iroquois County Coroner’s Office stated that toxic levels of amphetamines and fentanyl were found in the autopsy results. It was also determined that his blood alcohol level was .181, which is considered twice the legal intoxication level.

Iroquois County Coroner Bill Cheatum has also reportedly ruled out foul play and natural causes as causes of death for Meyer. It is also not clear how Meyer’s body had ended up in the tanker.

The investigation is ongoing, officials say.

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