Zoning Board meeting to determine cell tower near Rainbow Ranch cancelled

A Zoning Board meeting to determine a special use permit for a large tower along Route 15 has been cancelled.

Rainbow Ranch posted on Facebook Wednesday afternoon that the meeting was postponed and thanked the community for the support.

“Thanks to you and all your love and support and the anticipated large crowd, the Zoning meeting tomorrow night has been canceled!!! The cell tower company has pulled their request for a Special Use Permit until a later date,” the post said.

An online petition was set up in opposition of the 358-foot cell tower that a neighbor wants to build quarter mile from a pasture owned by the ranch. The meeting had been moved to the Community Center in anticipation of a large crowd.

Before the cancellation of the announcement, the petition had reached more than 1,000 signatures.

Rainbow Ranch indicated that the “fight ain’t over” and that it is anticipated that the company will resubmit its application in November.

Here is the original post:

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