Washington County Animal Control called to cemetery for improper pet burial

Activists are seeking further information into a call last week to a local graveyard after finding the improper burial site of a pet near a local cemetery.

Washington County Animal Control stated on Facebook that they were dispatched to the Lutheran Cemetery on Route 160 in Okawville. According to the post, a pet carrier was discovered with a deceased dog inside.

Further investigation revealed that the dog had been frozen inside its carrier, then removed and placed in the cemetery. The Animal Control pointed out that the leaving of the dog’s body was not only improper disposal but also “disrespectful” for the pet.

“Though we do believe the dog died of natural causes, after death it was placed in a carrier and frozen,” the post said.

There is no believed connection between the dog and where it was found in the cemetery.

If anyone has any information, they are asked to contact their local authorities.

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