Red Ribbon Week to be celebrated in area schools

Red Ribbon Week is celebrated every October 2-31, and it the nation’s oldest and largest drug prevention awareness campaign. Today, millions of people celebrate, including several of the local schools.

Here is a rundown of this year’s Red Ribbon Week for Nashville, Irvington, Ashley and Oakdale.

Nashville District 49

  • Monday: Life is Poppin’ Drug Free – Wear Red
  • Tuesday: You Have the Power to Be Drug Free: Dress Like Your Favorite Superhero
  • Wednesday: Make Healthy Choices for a Bright Future: Wear Neon or Bright Colors
  • Thursday: We Can’t Hide Our Drug Free Pride: Wear Camouflage
  • Friday: Drugs are a Trick not a Treat: Wear Orange and Black

Irvington Grade School

  • Monday: Wake Up Drug Free: Wear Pajamas
  • Tuesday: Say Peace Out to Drugs: Wear Tie Dye or Colorful Clothes
  • Wednesday: Wacky Wednesday: Crazy hair/socks
  • Thursday: Scare Off Drugs: Bring Halloween Costumes

Ashley Grade School

  • Monday: Crazy Hair Day
  • Tuesday: Tie Dye Day
  • Wednesday: Wacky Sock Day
  • Thursday: Just Wear Red Day

Oakdale Grade School

  • Monday: Dream about being Drug Free: Wear pajamas
  • Tuesday: Working out against drugs: Wear athletic/workout clothes
  • Wednesday: Be a Drugfree Viking: Wear Oakdale Viking gear
  • Thursday: Keep a lid on drugs: Wear a hat
  • Friday: Scare away Drugs: Wear your Halloween costume

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