Washington County halts cat, kitten adoptions, surrenders

Updated: Oct. 28 to include information

A local animal shelter has had to shut down cat and kitten adoptions and surrenders until further notice.

“A very contagious and deadly feline virus is hitting all across the state,” Anima; Control Warden Deb Hagopian said in a post on Sunday on Facebook. “Sadly we have also had an outbreak of this virus. Animal Control will not be taking in or adopting out any kittens or cats until further notice.”

Hagopian confirmed that there had been four kitten deaths had occurred at the shelter and the ceasing of procedures is a precaution until further testing results have returned.

Pictured here is a kitten housed at the Washington County Animal Control earlier this year. A virus outbreak has caused the shelter to pause accepting cats and kittens as well as their adoptions until further notice.

Other shelters in Illinois have reported virus outbreaks among their cat population. Those locations include services in Rockford and Lagrange.

Earlier this fall, Washington County had to suspend dog adoptions after a puppy tested positive for Parvo. The pup made a full recovery.

On Thursday, the Washington County Animal Shelter stated that test results have come back negative for distemper and other contagious diseases. It is thought to be fading kitten syndrome or possibly inbreeding that came from feral moms who were not vaccinated.

Those wanting to help Washington County Animal Control are welcome to visit the shelter’s Amazon Wish list. The shelter is also looking for volunteers.

“We haven’t lost any in a few days,” the post said. “[And] if we don’t lose anymore in the next few days, we will open kitten adoptions back up.”

Here is the original post:

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