Shooting incident reported at Jefferson County Courthouse

The Illinois State Police is currently investigating reports from Tuesday afternoon when Frederick Goss, 55, of Mt. Vernon was transported to the courthouse for a jury trial selection. Goss was in custody of a county correctional officer.

At around 1 p.m., Goss was unhand cuffed by the officer because he was not to appear before the jury while he was in restraints. Goss was transferred from the transport into a wheelchair, and while he was in the chair, Goss caused a struggle while reaching for the correctional officer’s sidearm.

After the struggle, the inmate was reportedly able to grab the officer’s sidearm and a shot from the weapon rang out. A deputy assigned to count room duty who had witnessed the struggle on a surveillance camera and went to the correctional officer’s aid on the sally port. The deputy then reportedly fired his gun and struck Goss.

Goss was transported to an area office for treatment. He was later taken to a St. Louis area hospital, where he is listed as stable condition.

The deputy was unhurt in the incident and was evaluated at a local medical facility. The correctional officer reportedly sustained minor injuries, was sent to a local hospital for treatment and was later released.

Goss was charged with armed robbery after allegedly robbing the Huck’s convenience store on South 10th Street in Mt. Vernon, where he also exchanged gunfire with a Mt. Vernon police officer. The officer was not injured but Goss was hospitalized for a number of weeks after he was struck in the exchange.

A states hearing is set for Nov. 30 at 1:30 p.m.

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