“Elf: The Musical” opens this weekend

The holiday season ushers in early this year as the Nashville Community High School presents “Elf: The Musical.” The performance begins Nov. 6 and runs additional shows on Nov. 7, 12, 13, 14 and 19.

Based on the motion picture starring Will Ferrell, “Elf: The Music” follows the adventures of Buddy, who is orphaned and mistakenly crawls into Santa Claus’ bag. He grows up at the North Pole until he discovers the truth. He decides to embark on an adventure to find his real family.

Friday and Saturday shows start at 7 p.m., and Sundays begin at 4 p.m. Tickets are $7, and they can be purchased at the door or by contacting Steve Browne, Haeli Williamson or the high school office.


  • Garrett Williamson as Buddy
  • Seth Henderson as Santa
  • Chloe Maschhoff as Mrs. Claus
  • Emma Grathwohl as Elf #1
  • Sophie White as Elf #2
  • Malayna Bock as Charlie the Elf
  • Chloe Maschhoff as Boy Elf
  • Trinity Engelman as Elf #3
  • Lynsey Kujawą as Tiara the Elf
  • Robin Habeck as Man
  • Matthew Baugh as Flyer Guy
  • Emma Williamson as Businesswoman
  • Ava Drag as Teenager
  • Reese Varel as Sam
  • Adam Anderson as Walter
  • Katie Mason as Deb
  • Addie Povolish as Emily
  • Addison Browne as Michael
  • Emma Eberhart as Security Guard #1
  • Tanner Brooks as Security Guard #2
  • Abby Ferrell as Customer #1
  • Lia Bulger as Customer #2
  • Lynsey Kujawą as Saleswoman
  • Emma Williamson as Manager
  • Calista Herrmann as Jovie
  • Bryna Jablonski as Store Elf #1
  • Heather Arnold as Store Elf #2
  • Seth Henderson as Fake Santa #1
  • Chloe Maschhoff as Boy
  • Reese Varel as Mother
  • Tanner Brooks as Policeman #2
  • Emma Eberhart as Policeman #1
  • Abby Ferrell as Sara
  • Seth Henderson as Greenway
  • Madisyn Farley as Vendor
  • Lia Bulger as Salvation Army Lady
  • Sophie White as Chadwick
  • Emma Grathwohl as Matthews
  • Trent Browne as Fake Santa #2
  • Chloe Maschhoff as Waitress
  • Emma Grathwohl as Fake Santa #3
  • Adam Anderson as Fake Santa #4
  • Tessa Kellerman as Charlotte
  • Matthew Baugh as Woman
  • Robin Habeck as Man #1
  • Lainey Fletcher, Ava Draege, Lauren Rapp, Paityn Matecki, Faith Frerker, Emma Eberhart, Nori Stockton, Reese Varel, Addison Stambaugh, Lia Bulger, Tessa Kellerman as Elves
  • Chloe Maschhoff, Lainey Fletcher, Lauren Rapp, Paityn Matecki, Faith Frerker, Addison Stambaugh, Emma Eberhart,Tessa Kellerman as Office
  • Lainey Fletcher, Lauren Rapp, Paityn Matecki, Chloe Maschhoff, Faith Frerker, Trinity Engelman, Emma Grathwohl, Sophie White as Store Elves

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