Trask awarded Youth Prevention Award

ComWell Youth Prevention Coordinator Dennis Trask was awarded the 2021 Youth Prevention that was presented by The Illinois Association for Behavioral Health.

“Being honored with the IABH Prevention Leadership award is just delightful,” Trask said in a post on Facebook. “It means that my efforts supporting many people working together is making a difference, that the Southern Illinois Substance Abuse Alliance is successful. Coalition work is very meaningful to me because it helps people live better lives.”

The award was presented to individuals who have helped bring public attention to the need for prevention. It also recognizes those who have fostered the growth and development of the Illinois prevention movement.

According to the post, Trask has had a long history working with youth and in prevention. He also was a school counselor prior to his role at ComWell. In his role at ComWell he has helped to establish the SISAA, a community coalition in Randolph and Washington Counties that has sustained for nearly six years. Trask helps plan and implement prevention activities, including the institution of prevention curriculum, at the schools in Randolph County in this role, among other duties.

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