Hornets nab second place at state

The Nashville Hornets closed out their storybook season at Huskies Stadium but fell Friday to the Wilmington Wildcats, 24-7.

The Hornets held on for three quarters before Wilmington pulled away late in the fourth. The Wildcats struck out first on a 23-yard touchdown from Jacob Friddle. The early lead came after picking up an interception on the Hornets’ second play and playing the long game to the end zone, effectively killing out the first quarter clock..

The Hornets were able to answer back in the second on a 40-yard touchdown run from Isaac Turner. Wilmington put themselves back up by a touchdown with 3:01 left in the half.

The Hornet defense kept Wilmington from adding to the scoreboard in the third but the Wildcats found the end zone again with Friddle, this time a 30-yard touchdown. Allan Richards would land a field goal with 3:05 left in the fourth for the final score of the game.

Nashville (12-2) picks up its second runner-up trophy in three years. The Hornets knocked off three undefeated teams in this year’s playoffs to make it to the last game of the seasons.

The victory gives Head Coach Jeff Reents and the Wilmington Wildcats (14-0) their second 2A championship in seven years. It also marked the 19th consecutive win after the team went undefeated during the shortened spring season earlier this year.

Check out our photos from the season by click here.

Opening photo credit: Alicia Heggemeier

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