A Taste of Nashville

Nashville, IL is unique to diverse food options. Here is a few you should check out when visiting!

Buretta’s Bar & Grill
185 E St. Louis Street

Buretta’s is a locally owned and staffed restaurant, with a large menu of savory meals.

This old chic grill is closed Saturdays for private catering and parties, that say’s their busy. Buretta’s put their own twist on well-known cuisines like Santa Fe Eggrolls and Philly Nachos.

This popular pub also has sandwiches, fish, pasta, and a variety of mixed drinks. Stop by you won’t be disappointed.

Bonnie Café
824 N Mill Street

They’re well-known for their burgers, this buffet is popular amongst southern Illinois.

Bonnies has everything southern you can think of. Fried Chicken, Turkey, Dressing, BBQ pork and more main courses. Prices are fair so you don’t want to miss it.

If you’re driving through Saturday and Sunday, be sure to check their all-you-can eat breakfast options for only $10.

El Indio
1620 S Mill Street

This well-known restaurant serves authentic Mexican food. There’s a kid’s menu, lunch special, even choices for soft or hard shell.

El Indio’s Famous House Margarita’s

They offer weekly specials. Monday and Tuesday its $1 tacos and $2 lime margaritas. On Sunday their popular house margaritas with any flavor choice are just $5 dollars.

El Indio’s has different deals for each day of the week. Be sure to make this a stop if you enjoy Mexican cuisine and live your best authentic experience!

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