County sees 46 new COVID cases, positive reporting shifted to Surge Center

The Washington County Health Department announced the reporting of 46 additional COVID cases between Dec. 21 to 27.

The new cases include three cases between 6 and 10 years old; two who re between 11 and 15 years old; one who who is better 16 and 19 years old; nine in their 20s; seven in their 30s; four in their 40s; nine in their 50s; six in their 60s; two in their 70s; two in their 80s; and one in their 90s.

WCHD also stated on Monday that the Case Investigation and Contact Tracing for confirmed cases will be shifted to the State’s Surge Center. The health department said the Surge Center had been managing some of the county cases over the last several months.

“This is being done to allow local health department to shift their focus back to other essential public health responsibilities that have been competing with the pandemic response,” the release said. “COVID cases will still be investigated, and contact tracing will continue to be done, but more of it will be done outside our office.”

Here is the original release:

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