County board declares Circuit Clerk office vacant

The Washington County Board met for a special meeting on Monday, Jan. 31, to declare the vacancy of circuit clerk office.

Board chairman David Meyer addressed the board that after the untimely death of Circuit Clerk Cindy Barczewski, who passed away on Jan. 26.

“I wanted to have a special board meeting so we could declare that vacancy,” Meyer said. “Cindy was a Republican so it will have to be replaced by a Republican.”

State’s Attorney Dan Janowski told the board that Deputy Clerk Andrea Renken has been named the circuit clerk pro temporary to help continue the regular everyday operations of the office.

The declaring of the vacancy of allows for the announcement for the public to file for the position, which would be for the remaining two years of the term.

Because of the timing of the primary election, Janowski said the filing deadlines would be the similar to the upcoming primary election in June.

Barczewsk was a long time employee in the Washington County Circuit Clerk’s office in 1988. She was first elected as the Circuit Clerk in 2008 and was reelected in 2020.

The board unanimously approved the vacancy declaration. The county will be flying its flag at half staffed on the courthouse on Friday and Saturday in remembrance of Barczewski.

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