Feel Good Friday: March 25

Welcome to Feel Good Friday, the weekly roundup of features and other good news briefs uncovered during the week. Here’s what we are eyeing this week:

The Washington County Sheriff’s Office announced a couple of items on Thursday. First, the county is going to proceed with DARE classes. COVID had ruined previous plans to revive the program.

Sheriff Campbell presented Deputy Brian Buss with his certificate of completion. Congratulations to Deputy Buss.

Second the sheriff’s office also announced a new part-time deputy. Sheriff Campbell administered the oath of office to Deputy Drew Knope, witnessed by Chief Deputy Drew Bauer.

Deputy Knope is scheduled to attend a basic law enforcement class in May and will soon become full-time.

Good luck to the Nashville Jr. Hornets at the SIJHSAA Class M state tournament, held this Saturday at Nashville Middle School.

Trinity St. John Titans won their first regional championship as a co-op and the Class S state tournament will be held at Herrin High School.

The State Theater announced recently plans to re-open in May. The movie theater has been closed for more than two years, since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

And on a personal note, the editor is proud to announce the arrival of another niece to the world. Natalie, we know you are going to do great things in this world. Your Aunt Leah loves you.

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