Accelerate Illinois Team Launches Broadband Internet Survey

As part of a regional effort to bring universal access to reliable, high-speed internet to Clinton, Fayette, Marion, and Washington Counties, local leaders have joined together to launch a broadband internet survey to understand the internet needs of residents better.

Participation in the survey will help inform the best plan to achieve the team’s vision:
 “To provide accessible and affordable high-speed internet and cellular infrastructure that serves and supports the evolving educational, agricultural, healthcare, emergency services, and economic needs of the residents in the Kaskaskia College region, while also incorporating and respecting the proud rural commitment to agricultural preservation in the district.”

The Broadband Internet Survey will be open from June 20, 2022 – July 22, 2022. All Clinton, Fayette, Marion, and Washington Counties residents are eligible, but submissions should be limited to one per household and/or business. The survey includes a speed test which should be taken on the household’s local Wi-Fi connection and not using cellular data or a hotspot. Paper surveys are available at County Government Offices and Local Libraries if a resident does not have access to a local Wi-Fi connection. 

Residents may also complete online surveys at any Kaskaskia College Education Center and area public libraries. Links to the survey can be found on county websites, farm bureau web pages, and area school district web pages. Submissions will be automatically entered into a drawing for a special prize from local businesses.


Kaskaskia College and local leaders are a part of the Illinois Accelerate Program through the Illinois Office of Broadband. This program is a 14-week boot camp designed to help local leaders create a plan to best utilize the groundbreaking influx of federal funds coming to close the digital divide.  

Your participation in this survey will help inform how our team proceeds in the planning and eventual grant process. We on the Kaskaskia Region Accelerate Team thank you for your time and effort in helping to expand broadband in our region.  Spread the word! Tell your friends, families, and neighbors to take the survey!

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